Welcome to the Alsobrooks’ next big adventure. We are taking our three girls out of school (1st, 5th, and 6th grade) and “Road Schooling”. Our first adventure will be cross country to California, our home before Knoxville. We will stop along the way at museums, landmarks, national parks, local restaurants, coffee shops and donut shops.

The past few months we’ve been listening for what might be “next” for our family. Instead of jumping into a new project or launching a new business we are pressing pause. Our idea is to “intentionally wander” our vast and beautiful country, with no set agenda or timeframe. Through this journey we hope to find adventure, clarity and joy in the simplicity of life while documenting our discoveries, challenges and moments.

Our plan is simple. We grab a map, our travel trailer, 40 items per person, our cameras and our sense of adventure. This website is where we will share our journey; the practical side of living in a tiny space (250 sq ft) with three little people, the day to day adventures, joys and stresses. Along the way we will journal about our discoveries that happen with this intentional time and space.

We leave behind…two beautiful businesses with amazing teams who are the heart of our companies, our 100 year old home on the sweetest block and friends and family who love and support us. All with a confidnece that our roots in Knoxville are deep, and we have an amazing tribe cheering us on.


40 Things

In the spirit of minimizing, each of us is only allowed to pack 40 items for our trip. That includes toiletries, clothing, etc.  Less is more.

Get Wet

Each of us must swim at least once in each of the following bodies of water: river, waterfall, lake, ocean, pool.


We will document the details through our blog, videos and photos. Each of us also has to write in our journal each day of the journey.

2 Miles

Every day we must walk or hike at least two miles. This will force us outdoors where we can explore nature and stumble upon new places.

Slow Down

We are not allowed to travel over 60 MPH at anytime. We will slow down so that we can see more and not be at the mercy of the clock.

See The Parks

We must stop and visit every National Park along our route. Our girls are excited to work toward their Junior Ranger badges.

Eat Local

We will only eat at local restaurants we find along the way, preferably a recommendation from a person. No chains restaurants allowed.


We allow ourselves to get lost. To step off the beaten path and explore. We will be intentional about creating time and space to discover.






Day 14

We have OFFICIALLY been on this wild adventure for a full two weeks. I think today may have been one of  my favorite days. It was full of outdoor adventure, new road schooling curriculum and the best bbq dinner ever. The park we are staying at has incredible rock...

Day 12

2.19.17 A good nights rest, a download of grace and a Sunday morning brunch was exactly what this family needed. A day of intentional rest from work was the perfect solution for our tired souls. Sometimes we forget that God created us with the perfect rhythms designed...

Day 13

2.20.17 Knowing that it was going to rain all morning we decided to pack up most of our camper last night. It was so nice to wake up and leave first thing. Austin was only about a four hour drive. Half way we stopped for lunch in a town called Bryan. Our dear friend...


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