Workshop + Resources for Starters.

Starters. Doers. Makers. Writers. Designers. Artists.
We offer a one day on-site workshop for these brave ones wishing to get their website off the ground.

We’ll create your website together and launch it in one day.

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Four + Books For Starters

Words have intense amounts of power. {This is not a new concept} I make every effort to be careful what I say & even more careful what I listen too. Sometimes the words that people speak over me are so powerful they begin to creep into my thinking. I begin to doubt, question, rethink & sometimes change course. I believe the power of the written word can do the...


Settle your soul. Oh, dear friend settle your mind. In life there are so many decisions to be made. What do I want in my coffee, who do I want to marry, how many children should I have, what schools, business & neighborhoods to choose. The list literally goes on and on. We give ourselves no grace while judging our next decision based on what we think others would...

Walk + Woods

Sometimes taking a walk for no reason is the best reason. Wondering, noticing, relaxing, and taking in the view. Sometimes a walk in the woods is a deliberate act. Either way take a walk in the woods. Once you step inside your senses are overwhelmed. {I feel this way when I am near the Ocean, but since I live inland, the woods will have to do} My senses start...
These Brave Ones

Dear Friend,

I am so happy that we’ve found each other. I am proud of you for stepping out and beginning this sweet journey. There is so much fear, self doubt and resistance at the beginning – having a tribe of people to cheer you on is such a gift.

Believe me, I have not “arrived”. I am just like you. I have fears, a shoe string budget, I over commit, and I doubt my abilities. My fear was that I always felt unqualified. I constanly considered others the expert. I’m learning that no one really knows exactly what they’re doing – but being brave is about taking that next step anyway. I want to help you take that next step.

All this to say, it doesn’t matter, just pull the trigger and try. You never know what is waiting for you along the journey. You may find your great calling or just discover some amazing creative outlets that bring you life. either way you are stepping out and being brave.



This might be the first step in making your idea happen.

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