Day 19

Today was spend camper free! Having our car unhooked, not having to make up our beds and be within 5 feet of each other was a treat. Seriously. I think we are a little jet legged. Our family was a lagging a little today and at the same time it totally didn’t matter because we were  soaking in all the family time!

When we lived in CA we would be together as a huge family several times a week, especially on the weekends. There were cousins playing, babies in the mix, games, shows, cookies, treats, food and lots of laughter. Yesterday was exactly all those things. It was as if no one had missed a beat.

Being here for Lennon’s 6th birthday party was such a bonus. We weren’t sure if we would reach California in time and when we did the girls were so excited. The party went on for hours with kids playing, a huge jump house, crazy reptiles, the BEST cream cheese frosted cupcakes, cousins and friends! Lennon was the most gracious gift opener ever. Each gift he took time looking at, showed his sincere excitement and went to hug each person who gave it him. Honestly what if we all did that. Took a minute to be present, absorb the gifts in our life and then expressed gratitude. Game changer. Promise.



We missed sweet Journeys two year old birthday so the girls sang to her and brought her presents too. Oh how we love our sweet little journey. One of my girls is with her at all times….mostly Emerson. She is part of our crew forever.

Tonight we grabbed our favorite Chinese takeout and headed to the Lorenz house. One crew watched “walking dead” while the girls played with Journey. Then we all watched the Oscars while cousins ran around being way too loud. We ended the night rewinding what happened at the finishing award again and again. When you get the Alsobrooks Big Kids together the commentary is the absolute best.

Sleeping arrangements tonight:  Madison went home with Birdie. They have plans of watching a few movies, dog walking and baking. Emerson and Ellington went home with Lennon. They have plans of a pancake breakfast, fort making and maybe a little slime fun.