Day 17


Just to clarify. I am writing these journal entries to remember the days, the places, the moments that make up this journey. Not all the moments are sunshine and butterflies. Lets be honest, we have 3 little girls jammed up in a car for over 40 hrs. Most days our car is attached to our camper so there is no running into the store, or dropping the girls off at school or going out for a date night. We are all together literally almost 24/7. Moments get heated. We lose our tempers. We fight. We laugh till someone pees their pants. We cry. We say sorry. We talk it out. We work. We gets bumps and bruises. We get annoyed. We wish we could go home. Even with ALL these flipping moments there are a million more amazing ones. The messy part of this trip would happen at home, it’s life. We are all humans. We are all growing. We are changing. We are showing up.

Last night we slept in the windiest city I have ever been in. The wind was more than 30 mph. Locals told us that was nothing, winds get up to 100 mph. A few days ago they said there was a dumpster that was pushed across a parking lot and into a building. I don’t even know how you live in a town where the wind is that extreme. One of the locals said “its what keeps life interesting”.

Packing up today we almost had a heart attack. I was helping Sean line up the camper do dump our water excess. Sean was just about to throw the car/camper into reverse, I saw Emerson’s feet run on the other side of the camper and I SCREAMED. We both had confirmed ALL the kids were in the car and she slid out. I honestly think that was one of the scariest moments of our lives. We all had a long talk about listening to us and how doing what we ask of them will save their lives and keep them safe.

Today was a drive ALL DAY kinda day. ALL Day. We drove through New Mexico which was absolutely beautiful. The mountains have so many details. As I was watching the scenery this morning I began journalling. I was so amazing by the difference in the mountains out west compared to the mountains back home in TN. The West Mountains are bare, show so much detail and are stunning. The Mountains in TN are full of lush trees, covered actually and beautiful. Both are incredible. Neither need to be like the other. Sometimes in life our society tells us that we all should be the same. The same colors that are IN, the same hair cut, the same education, the same journey in life, the same look…….Then you see two completely GORGEOUS sets of mountains. They are stunning and couldn’t be more different. I believe beauty is in the different. Not the way we are the same, but the ways we were created different. We each have something in us that no one else has. I love these thoughts. It is amazing how much nature speaks to you when you listen. Hours in the car looking at the ever changing scenery is where I hear it the most.

Tonight we passed into AZ. We made it past Phoenix and stopped at a little campground. We found out they had a swimming pool and the girls were all about it. We were all so happy to be out of the car. Swimming only lasted about a half hour until the girls got cold. After that we stayed inside the rest of the night. Totally might not have been the best idea. We have been crammed up for too many hours today. Literally since the second we woke up until the second we crawled in bed. We are all kinda needing some new people to be in the mix. We love each other so much and in the same breath being together for 17 days/ 24.7 is a bit much.

Tomorrow we are headed to CA to hug our family. We are so excited to see everyone and be there for our sweet Lennon’s birthday party. Hopefully we all sleep in a little before we head out. There are only 5 hours left till we are OUT of the camper for a few nights. I am so excited!

NEWS FLASH: All our girls have been dreaming up business ideas this trip. Ellington & Madison had a few good pitches and we love there passion. We waiting for them to find there idea, before we move forward. We found the perfect project for Emerson. All the sisters will help with it. She presented to the shark tank tonight and both sharks (MOM & DAD) are investing and gave her a line of credit for future order supplies. We will be launching this product/company in the next month or so. Keep your eyes open.

If you know Sean, than you know that he does NOT like feet. Thats why this is the sweetest & funniest picture to me. He adores our sweet Ellington and her little feet and we laughed so hard that he was Ok with this!!!!!