Prep Timeline Journal

Last night as we said goodbye to 2016, Sean & I watched the Documentary “Minimalist”. We went to bed with wild dreams, thoughts and a growing curousity of what 2017 could possibly hold for our family. The past few months we have been planning to open a second Makers location in Knoxville. I had begun pursuing a full time job in the creative world. The year ahead was filling up with plans, ideas and work. After watching the film we couldn’t stop thinking about pressing pause and having an adventure instead. Taking a time out of life to figure out what we truly want to do next. Today we woke up brainstorming and couldn’t get the word adventure out of our mind.

1.2.17- 1.5.17
This morning we woke up with a family outing in mind. We were trying to find the perfect combination of adventure and simplicity. An intentional time together creating memories and finding what is next for our family. We decided to explore the option of buying a travel trailer and driving cross country. Sean told the girls and the excitement in their little souls was breathtaking. They were screaming at the thought of this crazy journey.  We went to several local RV Dealers looking for our families first home on wheels. I wrote about our experience choosing a home for the road here. 

Today we purchased our new Travel Trailer. It is official, we are moving our family into a tiny home, road schooling the girls and setting out for an adventure. Now the research for Road Schooling and minimalistic packing has begun. The idea of Road Schooling is both exciting and terrifying.

We need a car that can tow our new home on wheels. Sean researched and found us a perfect match in Nashville, TN. Since girls had a snow day, we loaded them in the car and drove down to the dealership. The drive there and back gave the girls a sneak peak at life on the road with sisters. Sean and I keep saying…..this could be the best idea or the absolute worst. Stay tuned to find out.

Today we emailed all the girls teachers and administration to let them know of our plans. I knew that the girls would want to share about our upcoming adventure. Once the teachers knew, they could tell all their little friends. I also emailed close friends and people who we wanted to know about our family plans. Everyone was so kind in their responses. Can’t believe this is really happening.

Today we had a meeting with our Makers team. We want to set them up with the most success while we are gone on our trip. Our team is absolutely amazing and we are so thankful for them.

Sean picked up our new home on wheels today in Indiana. He got the full tour of the trailer inside & out. On the way home he stopped and slept in a walmart parking lot for the first time. He said that the heat worked great and the bed was comfy.

Sean arrived this afternoon and we went and fully set up the camper. The girls were running around playing house, loving every feature and begging us to stay longer. The excitement is in the air.

Tonight we had a meeting with our Remedy team to set them up for success. They run our sweet little shop in such an amazing way. We are so thankful for their hearts for our customers, our city and our family.

Reasearching. Planning. Purchasing. Brainstorming. These are all the things that are going on in the Alsobrooks household. Packages from Amazon arrive daily. Maps are being ordered. Road Schooling 101 is in full swing. Packing lists are being prepared. Such a fun time.

This weekend we meet our family best friends “the Fredericks” in Ashville. We practiced our minimal packing, loaded the car with treats and headed out. We all had the absolute best time. On the drive home we all wanted to just keep driving and head out on our adventure. Only a couple weeks to go…..

1.25.17 – 1.30.17
Headed to California for a little mom getaway. I stayed with my Sister-In-Law Julie (aka one of my very best friends). I got to visit with her sweet family and just be present. I rested, ate the best food, laughed, was sick and left with my bucket completely filled. This trip was so good for my heart.

Wow. It is incredible to realize how much prep Sean has done for our trip. Our front room is full of boxes, every plug, gadget and tool that we will need. Next up is my turn to begin the packing process……