Day 16


When the sun started to shine I had a 7 year old shouting with excitement. Ellington wanted to show the whole family her special place in the Desert. Before heading on the road we all walked over and saw the place that has stolen Ellington’s heart. She honestly loves this space. She danced, talked about her sweet future and gathered rocks to remember it. We sent them back to the camper so she could say goodbye. One day I promised we would come back and visit.

Todays road trip from West, Tx to New Mexico was an adventure. I am blown away. Actually, BLOWN away. Every pit stop we took there was wind storms. We had to stop every two hours to fill up our tank because the 30 mile winds were draining our gas tank. When we found a camp ground to stay at for the night doors were slamming every time we opened them. Sean secured our home on wheels so at least we wouldn’t tip over… joke.

Tonight after an afternoon of road school we took the girls swimming. There was a clean little pool at our campground that I don’t think gets used very much. The pool was heated and the building was warm but the walk home was CHILLY.

This road trip has me thinking. Thinking too much. Too little. Maybe just right. I have hours on the road and I am praying that God speaks to my heart. I’m praying that any hidden hurt, bitterness or insecurity be revealed so I can release it. Talk it out. Put language on it. Even though this thing called life is messy Im trying to keep showing up. I have wanted to hide for the past year. Not because I was scared, but because my soul and my being were tired. I needed to hide so I could regain strength and perspective. God was so gentle with my heart this past year. I am trying to pay attention to see if there is anything left that I am holding onto. I have found a few things. It is messy trying to keep your heart free. I believe the only way to keep it free is by telling the truth, even if its hard, doesn’t completely make sense, or is hurtful. The truth sets you and others free. It just does.

See what happens when everyone in the car has movies, games and books to listen too. Mom gets to thinking, praying and telling the truth.