Day 20


Waking up with no little ones was delightful this morning. All the girls had sleepovers last night, so we were kid free today. Sean busted out his computer catch up on some work and do his ordering for the shop. I on the other hand took the morning to relax and catch up on chill time. I loved sitting with Julie, Emma and baby Scout while the busy world around us was buzzing.



Sean was looking for some amazing street tacos in town. He found a spot and we grabbed lunch, just the two of us. I forget how amazing and flavorful authentic salsa can be. Oh how I love food from California. They have my favorite Mexican, Chinese and Buffalo Wing spot.  Two down….one to go. Then repeat. I almost forgot to add In & Out to the mix.

When we got back I snagged Julie to run up to our trailer because I forgot dirty clothes in the storage bin under our bed. It hasn’t stopped raining all day so our trailer has a foot of water surrounding it. I sloshed through the water to get to the door. All the beds were made up and it looked so tidy. Not the same as when its filled with three loud and wild littles. So thankful for a tiny break from on the road living. Sean and I were joking the other day that maybe we should sell or rent out our camper in California instead of driving it back to Knox. I’m beginning to think that this joke is becoming of beacon of hope.


Madison was at Birdies (aka Grandma Phyllis) for the day. She has spent the night each night so far. Birdie lives in such a cute neighborhood where they feed birds, walk dogs and relax together. These two have a special little connection and I’m so thankful they have time together this week.

Emerson and Ellington spent the day with their little cousins. They played the whole day away. Dress up, fort building, laughing and going non stop. Seeing my girls with Lennon and Journey makes my heart so happy. They are only little for so long and I am so thankful they are having this time together.





Tonight we all hung out at Julie and Don’s. The kids were all so tired, they chilled and watch a mermaid movie. I got to hold sweet Journey while she napping! Oh how I love precious moments with that girl. All the grown up girls watched Bachelorette, held babies and were together. Time with my girls is something my heart misses when I’m across the world in Knoxville. I so wish that you could teleport so a girls night could happen weekly.