Day 36. On the road again.


Waking up today was easy. The hard part was knowing we all were going to say goodbye. Being here the past few weeks has honestly allowed our hearts to rest and our souls to be refilled.  All my kids buckets have been filled to overflowing. They have been surrounded by Grandma & Papa who have taken every opportunity possible to love on them. Slumber parties, trips to the park, swimming, games, cooking….you name it. Aunt & Uncles & Cousins have hosted us, loved on the girls, made us coffee-dinner-treats, played games and spent almost everyday with us. My heart is so thankful.

We loaded up the camper, our car and stopped for a quick breakfast with everyone who didn’t have to be at work or school. I feel like we didn’t want our time to end with everyone, so we just kept hugging, talking, planning and hugging some more. When we officially closed the door there were some tears. This distance thing is the worst.

On the road again. It actually felt really good to be on the road with the camper and our family together. Heading east has a different feel to it. I think the first few weeks of heading West was spent figuring out pace, how to live in a camper, traveling and the anticipation of GETTING TO FAMILY. On the way home we have no real set time limit (Just be back by April 15 for a wedding). We all appreciate our trailer, space and this journey we are on. I guess what I’m saying is we are all REFRESHED.

Around dinnertime we pulled into our campground for the night. It was a full on California Dessert Campground. It was a Resort in the dessert with spaces for dune buggies, trailers and boats. It was right on the Colorado River with California on one side and Arizona on the other. Sean took the girls swimming as soon as we had the camper set up. I stayed in the camper to read and write for an hour.

Tonight we have a cable hook up and everyone was excited to watch all our shows. With the time change we even were able to watch Survivor. I am at the end of my book so I tucked myself away to finish it. While I was reading the light started dimming to almost nothing. Then we realized something was wrong: Something very wrong. Half our camper had NO power. Sean tried everything from the fuses, checking cords and busting out the manual. Nothing could be done tonight so we all headed to bed. Hoping in the morning we can figure it out and get back on the road.