Day 37


I woke up this morning to Sean on the phone with the manufacturing company for our trailer. He was trying to pin point the source of our power loss. Saying I am impressed with this boy is an understatement. He completely fixed our trailer with a $3 piece that we stopped and bought. It was near the back of our breaker box and was tricky to get to. There were sparks that hit him about 10 times but he FIXED IT. So thankful.

Today we headed to Williams, AZ. The drive only took us a couple hours. Roads were super rough, but the scenery is breathtaking. The rock formations are insane. We talked a lot about Pioneers and all they went through to get out west. Thinking about how people had to travel over the rocks, through the creeks, rain, shine, sun, water, no water, food, no food and loss of life. That journey is INSANE, especially as I see it up close and personal. I can’t imagine traveling over these mountains in a buggy with our girls. What the…..Oh how that talk made me extremely thankful for this car with air conditioning and a cozy trailer to sleep in.

Our ride today was a fun one. It was full of watching Karate Kid, the girls doing Youtube Video reviews, blaring the music with windows down through the mountains and taking in all the scenery.

When we arrived we set up camp for the next two nights. The girls did Road School before we explored. This campground has a Railway that will take us up to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. The girls rode their bikes while we walked over to pick up our train tickets. Seeing the trains made us all so excited for tomorrows adventure!

Tonight was pretty chill. Sean worked for a little, I napped and we took the girls to the POOL. The pool was FILLED with Kids and families. I think this has been the first campground we have really seen other families at, maybe it is spring break!