Day 38


Today was such a FULL day of exploring with our girls. Sean planned an amazing trip for us to the Grand Canyon. We are staying at the Railroad Crossing at the Grand Canyon where they have a wonderful pool + park + train.

We woke up and headed to the first layer of our day: The Wild West Show. It was a fun little show with horses, cowboys and a sheriff! They were laying the foundation to come and ROB the train later in the day.

Boarding the train Sean and I told the girls stories of our other three train rides together. WAY back in the day Sean and I took a trip from Michigan to Chicago, San Diego to Santa Barbra and an overnight trip from San Francisco to Portland. The girls love hearing stories of our adventures and love even more that they are a part of all our new ones.

This ride was about two hours up to the Grand Canyon. The scenery was beautiful as we climbed the mountain. When we arrived seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time was absolutely amazing! My girls were overwhelmed by how big it was and seeing the pictures they had seen come to life!

We spent the day taking in the views, hiking, looking at the museums and enjoying each other.

Riding home the girls played with a little girl they had meet at the Grand Canyon. They had the best time singing songs, playing games and hanging out. It was so nice for them to have a friend on this trip.

We finished up our day with the girls playing at the park and when I was so tired and wanting to go to bed we packed up and headed to the POOL.  My girls are literally addicted to swimming. The plan was to get a pool in our yard at home this summer, not sure we can swing it after we spent all this money on cross country adventure. If not we WILL be buying a pool membership for these mermaids!

In the middle of the night poor madison woke up with the worst ear pain. I think the Altitude + the swimming has added a lot of pressure to her little ears. Yesterday when we arrived a package of chips I took out of the car was unopened and FULL of air. It was as if someone had blown it up with way to much air, it looked as if it might pop!