Day 39


Waking up today I wanted to go to Utah to see my best friend Sarah + her family. We looked at the distance to head up to their house and decided it was too much to add onto this trip. We will make plans this summer to meet up with them.

Today we drove a good chunk of our day too Alberqurque, NM. There was a Rudy’s BBQ so we hit it up for dinner. A guy outside warned us to watch our camper because this city has a ton of auto theft. The girls sat at the window and watched the camper almost the whole dinner. Some of us were thankful for his tip and others wish he hadn’t say a thing because it caused stress. Oh, I wanted to get out of this town tonight, but instead we headed a few miles away to camp in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. For some reason I feel safe in their little parking lots.

Before going to sleep we went and hung out in front of Cracker Barrel to play a few games of checkers, read and enjoy a ice cream cone.

In the middle of the night Emerson and I learned ALL about the altitudes in the US. I diagnosed Emerson with Altitude Ashma. This little one has been having the hardest time breathing the past few days. At first I looked up silent drowning because I remembered hearing that if you swallow water, hours later you can drowned. Then we looked up how Altitude can affect you. I truly believe this girl is affected by extreme Altitude. Yesterday we were at 7,000 ft and today we are still at 5,000 ft. Tomorrow we will be even lower……3,500 ft. At home and in CA it was under 1,000 at that is just perfect for us!