Day 41


Today we woke up thinking we would stay in the Canyon one more night. We found out that our lot was rented for tonight so we decided to pack up and head out. Before we left the Canyon the girls took Sean on a little hike near our campsite. They loved showing him what they had found.  We also went to a few lookout points and toured a museum about this area.

In the Canyon we had no signal and our wifi hot spot didn’t work. Sean had some work to do so when we drove out of the Canyon we found a spot for him to catch up on his work. While he did that, I called our Camper Dealer to report TWELVE things that have either broken or aren’t working on the trailer. When we bought new we were hoping that we wouldn’t have any issues, but having a house on wheels apparently shifts things around a bit and like to break.

After work and phone calls were made we found an amazing Luxury Theater. We saw BEAUTY & THE BEAST in recliner chairs. RECLINER CHAIRS. Lets just say the whole experience and movie was absolutely wonderful.

Tonight we found a campground close to town so we could grab dinner and find some new books to read. Since tonight is our last night in Texas we decided to grab Rudy’s BBQ one more time. Oh Rudy’s we do love you. On the road we have been doing a lot of reading and since  we can”t order off Amazon (which we normally do daily)  we headed to Barnes & Noble to find a few treasures. Everyone found a book except poor Madison.

We had a really good day together. From exploring, relaxing at the movies to reminiscing tonight about all the girls as babies. Thinking about all the days we have gotten to love on these girls blows us away. Living life now with three little ones is much easier than back when we had three girls-four and under! All the work, snuggles, meltdowns and love has created my favorite family that I get to be a part of! Thankful for this crazy little journey that I get to call MY LIFE + MY FAMILY!