Day 42


We woke up realizing that this is DAY 42!!!! What the. How did the days and weeks fly by? This trip back east has been such a different experience than our first few weeks out West. With a lot of practice we have found our rhythm, our pace and are actually enjoying it. Sean has done so much and now that he is a pro is teaching us some of his ways. Today Madison and I loaded all the bikes. Emerson Brought in the slides. Sean even taught Madison how to put up the jacks and plug in the electricity. This makes me so happy!

Today before we left Amarillo we wanted to grab donuts. The Donut Shop was a shop our friend Kat had told us about. It was such a good treat to start our day. Oh how we miss our Makers Donuts. I have been craving a Maple Leaf donut for weeks now and am crossing my fingers we get to eat some Saturday. It’s hard not to compare everything to Makers. No seriously, we have used the experiences at all the shops to help remind us of how our customers feel when they enter our shop each week. It has made me overly thankful for our sweet little neighborhood shop and our yummy donuts!

As we started driving we began reminiscing about all the girls favorite birthday parties. Thinking back about all the moments we have celebrated each other with our family and friends is the best way to start a day. Thinking about amazing moments fills your bucket with so much joy. Thankful we have so many to remember!

Ok, so we drove all day today. I think we went about 360 miles today to Oklahoma. I honestly napped twice today and it felt absolutely amazing. My top three reasons for napping: One. I didn’t fall asleep till 5am this morning. Two. Everyone was watching a show or listening to a podcast. Three. The winds were whipping our car back and forth making me car sick. Needless to say the car ride went by pretty fast for me today.

Since we drove extra today we passed a campground we had reservations for. We ended up looking for another one on our drive. Pulling into the one off the freeway was a site to see. The girls jumped out of the car to play on some vintage playground equipment while we searched for another campground. The next place was about an hour away, but we were all thankful to move to a more rural lot. The girls were so happy to be out of the car; they rode their bikes, played campground using money (This week Ellington has been working on her Road School lesson Money) and we all just chilled. Literally we were all so tired from the drive that we felt so relaxed to watch reruns of Malcomn and the Middle on Netflix!

Sean’s guys night crew called him tonight. Every Tuesday night he grabs wings with a few of his friends. He has missed that time with the guys on this trip, so it was so fun to hear there voices. He is so excited for some fun adventures with them when he heads back. Those boys are planning a NINE day motorcycle trip together at the beginning of the summer. FYI: It is KID + WIFE Free. Oh how amazing that will be for Sean. He has had four girls surrounding him daily for the past 42 days. He will need this guy time more than ever.

Pulling out the maps we realized we only have about 750 miles till Knoxville. I can’t tell you how excited we all are to come home to our little city. The girls can’t wait to see Baxter, eat donuts and see all our friends and neighbors. We should be pulling in Friday or Saturday. I can’t believe it will have been a full 45 days!!!!!