Day 43


Today was an ALL drive kinda day. Literally. All. Day.  There was lots of podcast listening, dreaming and movie watching. I had a staff meeting on the phone for Makers, made a few phone calls regarding school and caught up with two of my besties. We are all getting excited to get back to Knoxville.

This afternoon I made a few phone calls figuring out our options when we get back to Knoxville for schooling. Not sure yet if we will continue to homeschool or have the girls finish out the year in school. The younger girls were at their school on a transfer, so we aren’t sure if they will be able to finish out the last two months. If not, we could finish the year out at our zoned school or finish homeschooling. We will see…..

During the days while we are driving I tend to do a lot of writing. Thoughts come to me and I begin journaling. Today I had the thought of creating a Creative CoOp for the kids, either for schooling or a monthly club. I want the girls to continue to have these amazing opportunities to expand their minds. In Knoxville we have so many friends in our community that do incredible things. Creative, musically, medically and so many other things. I would love to see children be exposed to these jobs and passions.

Passing into our 12th state we finally reached our destination, Arkansa.Tonight we camped at a beautiful state park. I swear state parks may be our states hidden gems. They are mostly untouched land with incredible trails. Setting up Madison was an amazing help. It is so fun having her help with the camper set up process. Sean and I literally didn’t have to ask or watch her as she put down the jaxs. We are only supposed to stay here one night, but if we love our hike in the morning we might stay one more day. Even if we don’t stay we totally enjoyed our night here. The girls lived it up outside riding bikes, playing running around. Once it got dark we watched Survivor and more reruns of more Malcom & The Middle. That show is hilarious and everyone loves it! Having this downtime was so refreshing!