Walking up today was such a crazy feeling. Knowing we were so close to Knoxville, we weren’t sure if we would stop half way in Nashville or push through to get home. This could be our LAST day on the road. Before leaving the girls took a last adventure in the woods. It was magical today and I wish I could have spent hours in this forest. They have vines, beautiful trees and it was calling us in. Loved that these girls had a few moments to say goodbye to the outdoors that they have grown to love over this journey.

We have been paying for a hot spot for our journey. It has allowed Sean to work, the girls to do Roadschool, Netflix watching and for me to blog. The little box cost a pretty penny and if we had it post marked today we wouldn’t be charged another month, so we found a post office and sent it off. That caused a little drama with our oldest because it has helped her pass the hours away on the long car rides. Whether it was her Netflix binging or watching Makeup Tutorials (this girl will be doing makeup professionally soon) Thankful we had that the past 45 days and thankful we won’t need it anymore!

We drove the whole day and decided to push through till KNOXVILLE.  I honestly think our beds were calling our names and we couldn’t imagine sleeping only a few hours away when home was so close. Driving into Knoxville had us all excited. The carried almost went sour-this Alsobrooks crew doesn’t know how to end well most days. Instead of letting the car intensity win, we started naming off our favorite moments of the trip, our favorite locations, funny memories, dramas, our LIST of bumps and bruises. We played “on the road again” by Willy Nelson & Jonny Cash for the 100th time this trip. Oh and we made sure to play our other trip favorites as we drove home!

When we pulled into Knoxville we were taken back by how much we love our city, neighborhood and home!!! Every corner we turned everyone was smiling from ear to ear. We all are so thankful to be back on our own turf. All the layers of our hood are so endearing to us! Lets just say we had all the feels.

45 days-6,000 miles- 12 states. I honestly can’t believe we did it. Travel cross country with this crew was overall a delight. Yes it was full of work, struggle, unlearning, stretching and growth……all this made it a delight. I have seen us all grow so much, heal, unlearn, learn and stretch in ways that would never have happened without this intentional time away.